Introducing the Poultry Pro™.

A Better Way to Prepare Turkey & Chicken.

After years of testing, The Poultry Pro is ready to make turkey, chicken and other poultry cook up better, faster and tastier than ever.

This ingenious invention captures the professional cooker’s choice of copper combined with the imaginative idea of cooking from both the inside and outside of the bird.

The Poultry Pro is American designed and manufactured. It’s made from two pounds of 101 Copper (Certified 99.99% pure) and coated with a beautiful, bright silver tin plating. This 18 inch, flat bar is designed to be inserted directly thru the stuffing allowing The Poultry Pro to extend out the front and back of the bird.

End Result

  • Reduces Cooking Time

      (15lb Turkey in 2 hours vs 4+ hours)

  • Incredibly Juicy & Tender Breast Meat

  • Stuffing that is neither dry nor overcooked

  • Easy Clean Up

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The Poultry Pro works best when using a broiler pan or large shallow roasting pan.